Go for a faux glow >

If you still crave a sun-kissed look but don’t want the skin damage, you can easily fake a tan.

Sunless tanners – or self tanners – produce the only truly “safe tan”. They work by staining the skin with a harmless dye called DHA, or dihydroxyacetone. The tan achieved lasts anything from three to five days.

You can obtain a natural looking tan by choosing the colour that best suits you, since these products are available in light, medium or dark shades. Self tanners are quite easy to use, and come in sprays, mousses, and lotions. Some products are formulated just for the face.

To put a glow on your face you can also use bronzer, a cosmetic product that comes in a powder or cream formulation.

It’s important to remember that sunless tanning products provide no UV protection. Always use sunscreen and other forms of sun protection when you’re outside.